Josh Namdar


To millennials, chocolate milk is for kids; they’ve moved on to beer. However, drinking chocolate milk comes without the rules and responsibilities of drinking beer, and Nesquik wants to take advantage of that. Nesquik is going to speak their language and bring them back to the brand by encouraging them to choose chocolate milk and sip irresponsibly.


Bottle Redesign

For the duration of the campaign, Nesquik chocolate milk will be repackaged and sold in the beer aisle.



To promote Nesquik’s new look, in-store print targets young adults.



Banner ads and sponsored Facebook posts, that target people on their birthdays, redirect to our microsite, where people can create a fake ID for free Nesquik at participating bar and retail locations.


Nesquik on tap

In select bars, Nesquik will be offered on tap, along with coasters and neon signs to support the campaign.